Medical & Recreational Cannabis Insurance

Insurance, a necessary evil or an essential part of daily life? This is surely the kind of question that goes through the mind of any business owner, yet especially one who is involved in a business as inherently risky as cannabis cultivation. No matter your thoughts on the matter, insurance is something that is essential in todays world.

No business can afford to be uninsured and take the risks associated with potentially losing all of your inventory, equipment and hard earned cash. At this point, you are probably asking yourself if it’s possible to get medical and recreational marijuana growers insurance and the answer is yes, it’s actually quite a bit easier and more affordable than you think. With our years of insurance experience, Quality Insurance Group will guide you through the process to help you fully understand the coverage options available to you and your business. Below is a list of insurance products we offer for a quote please contact us.

General  Liability 

  • Occurrence    -­‐‑  A+  Rated  carrier
  • Up   to   $1.0M   /$2.0M   Occurrence/Aggregate
  • Hired   and  Non-­‐‑Owned   $1.0M   (max  limits)
  • Primary  and  Non-­‐‑Contributory  wording

Product  Liability 

  • Claims  Made  –  A+  Rated  Carrier
  • $1.0M  /$2.0M  Occurrence/Aggregate
  • $2,500  Deductible
  • $1,500.00    minimum  premium

Excess  Liability 

  • Occurrence    -­‐‑  A+  Rated  carrier
  • Up  to  $4.0M  limits
  • Excess  coverage  is  over  GL  only


  • ISO  property  forms  –  A+  rated  carrier
  • Up  to  $10.0M  property  limits
  • Cargo  (coming  early  2015)
  • Property  Enhancements
  • Several  deductible  options


  • Non-­‐‑Admited  carrier  –  A+  Rated
  • Up  to  $5.0M  Living  plants
  • Finished  stock  is  included  in  property  limits

Equipment  Breakdown

  • Admited  carrier  –  A+  Rated  carrier
  • Up  to  $10.0M  limits
  • Loss  of  Business  Income
  • Reputational  recovery
  • Data  Compromise

Cyber  Liability

  • Admitted  and  Non-­‐‑Admitted  –  A+  Rated  carrier
  • $1.0M  Occurrence


  • Indoor
  • Outdoor
  • Greenhouse


  • Owned
  • Sub-­‐‑contracted


  • Cannabis products
  • Non-­‐‑cannabis products


  • Brokers


  • Owned
  • Sub-­‐‑Contracted


  • In State or Multi State



  • To Consumer


Property Management

Landlord/Building Owners

Tobacco Retail Store

Garden Store

  • Retail and Wholesale
  • Hydroponics